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In this sentence, one car belongs to both the man and the woman. The man and woman's car was badly damaged. If multiple nouns each possess another noun individually, each noun should have an apostrophe. In this sentence, there are two separate motivations, each owned by a different person.

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There are two main uses for apostrophes in English: truncated forms and The standard use is that when we transform a noun into its possessive form by “Its” is the possessive form as in the sentence as in “The water was very still Let's take a look at some examples. The cat's tail was fluffy. Cat is a singular noun so you need to add an apostrophe and "s" to show that  According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word apostrophe comes from the In the above example sentence the words (are not) should be joined together When two words join together and a letter is dropped, an apostrophe is used The school's gym was filled with people for the basketball game. Jane's favorite class is English. The teacher's lesson was boring. Plural possessives.

Do not use an apostrophe before the s unless the apostrophe significantly helps the  Learn a new word every day.

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Other rhetorical devices cultivated in the epyllion are the long apostrophe, and the sentence or wise saying. The main use of the apostrophe is to form the possessive case of most nouns by adding an apostrophe or an apostrophe and 's'. See also Possessivesfor more information. Punctuation used to denote a sudden change or break in a sentence, e.g.

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2018 — I've noticed that you use an acute accent (´) instead of an apostrophe Ballardini and Stjarnlof 's Essentials of Swedish Grammar at a used  This is very basic and easy English Grammar useful for both teachers and students. In this application all basic concepts of English Grammar are explain clearly. Use an apostrophe with a noun to show something belongs to someone or to Grammar booklet 3 and tasks Sentences, phrases and clauses Year 7 Grammar​  Read this sentence to yourself: It can mean three different things. In earlier times, we always used an apostrophe to indicate ownership when names ended​  27 maj 2015 — (to know) combined with various types of other stems and nouns as well. as derivational of selected annotated sentences that I used as a starting point for my work.

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So for the two examples you gave, the second one would be correct. If the word is not a noun, but instead an adjective or something else, it cannot have "'s" added to it. – JDM-GBG Jun 13 '19 at 1:41 Singular or Plural Sentences In the sentences below, an apostrophe has been used to show possession. However, in one option it shows an apostrophe being used with a singular noun and in the other it shows the apostrophe being used with a plural noun. Tick the sentence that shows the apostrophe being used with a plural noun. 1.
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But we could turn it into an adjective […] Definition of apostrophe (Entry 1 of 2) : a mark ' used to indicate the omission of letters or figures, the possessive case (as in "John's book"), or the plural of letters or figures (as in "the 1960's") In the contraction "can't," the apostrophe replaces two of the letters in the word "cannot.".

Brother-in-law’s house; Commander-in Apostrophes can be used in time expressions (also called "temporal expressions") like "a day's pay" and "two weeks' notice." The big question with these is where to put the apostrophe. The apostrophe-s, "'s", is used only with a noun. So for the two examples you gave, the second one would be correct. If the word is not a noun, but instead an adjective or something else, it cannot have "'s" added to it.
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An apostrophe is used in a possessive form, like Esther's family or Janet's cigarettes, and this is the use of the apostrophe which causes most of the trouble.. The basic rule is simple enough: a possessive form is spelled with 's at the Apostrophe rules can be broken into four main categories. Read on to discover all the apostrophe rules you'll ever need to know!